I remix stuff here

I remix music. Then I put it on the interwebs for downloading and streaming and stuff.

tjtheremixer.com »

I put stuff on github here

I make codes and put them on github all open-source and what not. Mostly javascript and bookmarklets.

github.com/webbtj »

I blog here

I occasionally have ideas and put them in blog format. When I do I put them here.

webbtj.wpengine.com »

I'm a developer here

I'm a developer at norex.ca, a web firm based in Halifax, NS. We do design, development and strategy.

norex.ca »

I'm CTO here

Pursu.it is a crowd-funding platform for Canadian athletes. We've helped 13 athletes and teams raise over $82k in less than 4 months.

pursu.it »

I'm on Facebook here

I like looking at cat based meme pictures and wishing people happy birthday, so I use facebook.

facebook.com/thetjwebb »